Saturday, 24 March 2018

13. This blog is now closed

This is the end of my blog which detailed my planning and pre-production work.

In order to access this blog from the beginning to end, click on the AS Research and Planning label.

Thanks for reading through the blog, I hope you enjoy my final productions.

This blog is now closed

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

11. Production review: my production and my intended improvements

The review stage of production is vital to making the final product as successful as possible. It allows for any mistakes to be changed within the deadline date, either through re-shooting or changing any of the edit. I had a review from both my media teachers (Miss Blackborrow and Miss Dymioti), technician and target audience Below is a list of mistakes that were identified in my adverts and an explanation of how I intend to fix these problems.

Advert 1
Whilst everyone picked out many positives in my advert, for example the successful use of black and white or the use of music to connote the mood, there were some changes they suggested for me to make before final submission. The target audience review group were males and females aged 16 and 17.
  •  Miss first suggested adding a shot of the actor being passed the deodorant in order to connote that the deodorant has the effect of allowing you to do what you want and break society's boundaries. The shot has now been filmed and added into the advert. 
  • Miss also stated that the music was too loud and dominated over the voiceover too much. Therefore, the music levels have been lowered in order for the voiceover to be heard properly and therefore connote the story properly.

  • In the shot of the actor accepting the date, the actor did not touch the screen and therefore it seemed as though she didn't accept it. Therefore, I decided to not have the shot as an over the shoulder and rather have her swipe right in an MLS frame.
  • Miss also suggested re shooting the final shot as I cut out part of the bottle when framing it. This has been re-shot also.
  • Miss suggested the same as Miss Blackborrow which was to add a shot where the actor was applying the deodorant.

  • The technician, Sam, suggested changing the voiceover towards the end where it said 'walking home as a pair', to something like 'walking home as a couple'. It now says 'heading home as a couple' in order to connote that the two females are an item.
  • He also suggested that the girl should be applying make-up rather than spraying herself in the scenes where she is getting ready, as this is something that more clearly indicates that she is going on a date. She is now applying lipstick in the mirror.
  • They suggested adding the same shot mentioned by Ms Dymioti and Ms Blackborrow as otherwise they said that it looks like a dating app advert.
Advert 2
Again, all had positives to say about this advert. Most said that they enjoyed the humour in the ad and the relatively fast pace, as well as the clear message it was delivering. Of course, there were some suggestions that they made

  • Like in the other advert, Miss suggested lowering the volume of the music in order to hear the voiceover. I have done this as well.
  • Miss also suggested changing the voiceover from a male to a female in order to incorporate the unisex brand value that the brief wants. I have now re-recorded the voiceover and it is a female in order to have some indication that it is a unisex deodorant.


  • The only suggestion Miss had on this advert was changing the pack shot as it was the same as the other one and therefore it cut off part of the bottle. This has been rectified like in the other one.
  • Sam suggested that the previous fade transition between two of the shots didn't flow very well, and I felt the same. Therefore I decided to change this transition into a wipe so it flows much better than it did before.
  • He also suggested increasing the speed of the first shot as otherwise it took too long. I have now increased the speed to 110% so it is faster without seeming robotic or fake.
  • The target audience suggested cutting some of the cooking shot as the humour involved was very difficult to understand and overall just not very funny. Now the shot is cut with just the focus being the whisk on the flour rather than including a pan round to the other character.

Overall, the review phase has been very beneficial in the production of my advert, as it allowed for me to change the adverts in order for my finished products to be as successful as possible.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

10. My planning evidence

Throughout pre-production, I have created many documents in order to help me plan my production. These documents help with both organisation and actually pinning ideas down onto paper, which helps me fully visualize my ideas. All of my pre-production work will be below.

Creating these two timelines was very useful for me, as it allowed for me to visualise roughly what happens when and how I'm going to fill the 30 seconds required.
This was the first stage of my creative pre-production.


Above is a page from each of my two storyboards. I created these in order to plan out each individual shot, both in terms of framing and in terms of duration, so I would not have to do this on the filming day. This was the second stage of my creative pre-production.

Both my adverts use voiceover a lot as the character interacts with the voiceover. Therefore, creating a script was vital as it will help me during production, as it means that my voiceover can just read directly off of the script which would make it more smooth. This was my third stage of creative pre-production.

Bottle Logo
This is the logo of my product that will be placed both on the bottle and in the end titles. This was useful as it allowed me to fully create my brand identity. This was the fourth stage of my creative pre-production.

Character, costume and hair and makeup list

Above are my character lists which have planned hair and makeup on them as well as costumes. The hair and makeup are stock images that look how I want my actors to look. This helps me design their look on the day of the shoot. This is my first stage of organisational pre-production.

Location Report & Risk Assessment
A location report is very useful in production as it helps to have a clear idea of where I am going to be shooting on the day and therefore the day can run smoother as there will not be time wasted on figuring out where to shoot. The risk assessment means that I will know what to avoid doing on the day of the shoot to minimise the risk of an accident. This is the second stage of pre-production.

Above is one page of my shootboard. This organises the order the shots will be taken in based on practicality, and so is very useful as it saves time on the day as there will be less travelling around. This is my third stage of organisational pre-production.

As seen above, I have been through a lot of pre-production in order to help my shoot run as smoothly as possible on the day. It was worth the effort as it will help me a lot when it comes to shooting.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

9. The practicalities of filming: when and where production will take place and with who

I have created a shoot schedule that will help me shoot on the day. It has been organised practically, for example shots will not be filmed in order but rather to take into account locations etc. It's also been planned so that the actors for the first advert do not need to be there when filming the second advert and vice-versa. Below is the shoot schedule

Monday, 5 February 2018

8. The planning I intend to complete in order to ensure a successful outcome for my production

Planning is essential in order to create a successful product, as it means that the production can run smoothly without interruptions.
The planning I intend to do and when I will do it will be listed below:

  • Timeline of both adverts - 5th February
  • Storyboard for both - 6th and 7th February
  • Cast list - 8th February
  • Costume and make-up (will be within cast list) - 8th February
  • Draft script for both - 9th February
  • Location report - 18th February
  • Risk assessment (will be within location report) - 19th February
  • Shootboard - 20th February
  • Brand name design - 21st - 22nd February

Friday, 2 February 2018