Saturday, 18 November 2017

Video Games and Me

From a young age I can remember playing video games. When I was about 5 I would play the PS2 with my Dad every Friday night, often playing the FIFA '06 World Cup game. I have mainly gamed on consoles, as since I have played on a PS3, wii and PS4, but have also played on portable devices such as a PSP and my phone.
I can only game nowadays on weekends, as during the week I have a lot of schoolwork to do. However, in previous years I would play in the evenings. Of course, during holidays I can play as well.
Most of my gaming has been at my house. My PS3 was previously placed in the front room, but since the arrival of the PS4 I have gamed in my own room. However, when I had the PSP, and now with my phone, I do game sometimes when I am out and about.
There are many reasons for me playing games. For example, it brings social connections when I play online with my friends (often on FIFA). It also provides an opportunity for escapism, you can immerse yourself into the world of the game. Games are also a perfect cure for boredom.
Who (With)
When I was younger, I would only play with my Dad. As I've grown older, I have started to play by myself, and sometimes with my brother. That's what I feel a large appeal of gaming is, the chance to play by yourself - you don't need other people around you to enjoy yourself. Having said that, it is more fun when you do play with others, be it online or in person.
Games can be played without even pressing anything nowadays, as seen through VR headsets or previously the XBOX Kinect. They can be played with just the touch of someone's fingers on a phone or tablet, but I believe the best form of gaming is with a controller and a TV. Holding the controller gives you a sense of excitement that a touchscreen phone doesn't give you.

Minecraft Mission

As clear from my lack of building talent, this is the first time I have ever played Minecraft, which is odd considering it is the second most popular game of all time. I had a go at playing the pocket edition on an iPad, and built my first house, as pictured above.
Minecraft is a sandbox game, which means the user can do whatever they want to do. It can be played on almost anything, ranging from a phone to a console, and was first released in 2011. The user can mine anything, and then build or create something from what they have mined.
I believe it is so popular because it allows the user to create whatever they want, there are infinite possibilities.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Breakfast Show

Breakfast Show Reflections
  1-Did you fulfill all the content requirements; both in terms of including all the correct features as well as the actual choices made? 
 Alize and I fulfilled all of our requirements in terms of this task. We made it relevant to Latymer by including names of teachers and of course naming it the Latymer Breakfast Show makes it relevant to Latymer life. It features songs of the pop genre, and are from English artists, for example Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran. Jingles are also included, and we featured a news reading and a call in from a member of the public. It meets the needs of the TA, who are fans of the R1 breakfast show.
 2-Have you nailed the conventions and style of Nick Grimshaw and the Radio One Breakfast Show?
I feel like we have nailed the conventions and style of the Nick Grimshaw breakfast show. For example, we involved a lot of harmless banter between the host and the call-in or news reporter. We also featured segments from the show such as the celebrity gamble, which is involved in the Nick Grimshaw show. Also, our banter was relatively cringey, which is a convention of the Grimshaw show.
3-How well did you manage your running order/timings?
I think that Alize and I managed the timings relatively well, as we fit the entire segment within three minutes and each individual section filled the time required. However, as it was one take there were a few moments of silence, which is not typical of the show. For example, at 2:15, there was a long pause that we hoped would not have been there, which was our only main problem with timings.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Music Video Analysis - Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

Convention 1 - Beauty Shot
As typical of most music videos, there is a close up of the singer which is known as the beauty shot. Taylor Swift is sporting a full face of make up,and this intends to add interest in the video as it is hoped that people find this shot aesthetically pleasing.

Convention 2 - Visual Representation

The lyrics here say 'the gun was mine', and at this precise time Taylor makes a gun sign with her hand. This is used to add layers to the audio, as it links nicely to the visual element that is added to the video.

Convention 3 - Varying Mise en Scene
This video repeatedly changes mise en scene, to represent the different personalities of Taylor Swift. This one uses the same framing, which is a shot from above, to do this. This is also an example of cutting to the beat of the music, which is something that happens in almost all music videos.

Convention 4 - Extraordinary Situations
This scene is of a car crash, where Taylor is posing for paparazzi outside of her crashed car. This is used to exaggerate celebrity culture of the time, but through using this extraordinary situation, the director is trying to show that celebrity culture has come too far. This is often used in music videos.

Convention 5 - Large Dance Numbers
This is a large dance number which is highly choreographed, with Taylor the focus in the middle. The camera goes from a long shot of Taylor, to a mid shot to a close up which highlights her as the focus of the shot. It shows she is the main person in the shot. The dancing of course is in time with the music.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Trailer analysis - Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Audience Appeal

  • Opens with a shot of London - a recognizable city that therefore makes the audience relate to the film.
  • Features many action shots, something the audience expect from the film. It fulfills the expectations of the rimary audience, who are fans of acion films.
  • It entices fans of the previous films through recognizable characters and a clear color scheme that is associated with the first installment.
  • Through featuring many shots of famous actors such as Channing Tatum and Halle Berry, the trailer is appealing to a secondary audience, which is people who are fans of these famous actors. For example, Channing Tatum is very popular with the female audience, and so this could attract females to the film who previously wouldn't have been interested in the film.
Genre signifiers
  • The action scenes (e.g. when the character jumps from the taxi) clearly signify the action genre of the film.
  • The film is about spies and being undercover. This is connoted through the voiceover, which mentions the Kingsman hideout being in a tailors, as well as through the high-tech gadgets on show (e.g. the umbrella weapon).
  • The comedy element film to the film is signified through the quick and witty speech of the actors. The music also connotes this, as it is music that is no common of the action genre, therefore making the film seem quirky and funny.
Character & Representation
  • The main character and the rest of the English characters are presented in suits and smart clothing. This presemts them as classy and sophisticated.
  • The main character however has a different voice, one that is often assosciated with the working class. This suggests that he is a character who has a different background to the others, which is something we know from the first one.
  • The American characters are portrayed in a stereotypical way - large coat and a cowboy hat. This makes them instantly recognisable as the American characters before they talk, and also higlights the difference in personalities and styles.
  • Halle Berry's character is presented as the stereotypical tech genius, with a lab coat and glasses. This means that the audience can get a sense for what she is going to be like - they can make judgements.
Branding and Studio Identity
  • Towards the beginning, the director is promoted to the audience, as he is famous from doing the first one. His name is Michael Vaughn. This will make people interested in the film if they liked the first one beacuse it is the same director.
  • 20th century Fox is promoted through the gold colours throughout, the same colour as the Fox logo itself.
  • IMAX is promoted at the end, showing it is a big film and also letting the audience know that they can watch this in IMAX.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Continuity Task Evaluation

Accident Video
1 - My video attempted to tell the story of an accident. It is a basic story of two people playing football (myself and Derek) on the school field. My character hits the ball too high and forces Derek's character to run backwards in an attempt to catch the ball. He does not see the third character (played by Zain) and falls over him, hurting Derek's character in the process.
2 - Before we took our shots, we took our time to plan out our story and roughly how we would portray it. We had to think of a logical shot order in order to tell our story correctly. When filming, we tried our best to keep it flowing quickly throughout, as well as keeping it continuous. This meant we tried our best to keep a match on action and the eyeline match (e.g. looking at the ball).
3 - On the whole, our we achieved continuity in most places. For example, we were very happy at the continuous flow between shots 1 and 2, where the ball bounces at the right time. However, there were two times continuity was not achieved. Between shots 2 and 3, where the ball doesn't fly as high in 2 as it does 3, and between 4 and 5, where Derek runs for longer than he should have. This was mainly because we couldn't edit our shots, and so it was difficult to keep it continuous without editing it.
4 - In hindsight, I would introduce Zain's character in the first shot so the audience know who he is when he appears in shot 4. I would also make it clearer what his character is doing.