Thursday, 18 January 2018

3. What I have learnt about the codes and conventions of television adverts and how I intend to demonstrate this knowledge and understanding in my production in order to communicate meaning successfully

Understanding of the codes and conventions of television adverts is vital in creating a successful advert yourself. These codes and conventions have made other adverts very successful, and because the audience are expecting to see these codes and conventions, if I do not use them then the advert may not be successful as it might confuse them.

One clear convention I have found in deodorant adverts is the use of the bathroom as at least one of the settings in the advert. For example, in the Nivea Men stress free protect advert above, it starts with a shot of the main character in the bathroom. This is because this is the area in the home where deodorant is applied, and so it sets up a relatable scenario for the audience, thus adding appeal. I intend to start both of my TV adverts with similar shots in the bathroom, in order to follow this convention.
Another clear convention seen in both of the pictures above is the deodorant bottle being in the shots and being used. This means the audience can see what the bottle looks like and therefore see the branding. It also means they can recognise the bottle in the shop if they see it, and therefore buy it. I have followed this convention in my adverts and will have the bottle in shot and will also have the actors in both adverts applying the deodorant.

As seen above in the Degree women dry spray advert, the advert often finishes with a pack shot of the product with the slogan next to it, followed by the logo of the brand as a whole and the overall brand's slogan. This is used to again make sure the audience know what the bottle looks like, and what the USP of the product is (signified by the slogan). The logo of the brand at the end is to entice fans of the brand to buy the product. This will be followed in my adverts, which will feature a pack shot of the product, with the USP, followed by the logo of the brand itself.
The above advert is the Nivea Men advert featuring the Liverpool FC players. This is an example of the use of music to connote the mood of the advert, and the use of soundtrack to add humour, both of which are clear conventions in deodorant adverts. The music in this advert is happy and energetic, as the deodorant's USP is to prevent stress, and therefore be happy and energetic. My adverts will follow this convention, as they both will contain relatively happy and active music to connote the happy and active feeling the deodorant will bring.
The other convention seen is the use of the soundtrack to portray humour. Towards the end of the advert, the music stops as a dinosaur crushes the car, which is intended to be a humourous moment. I will follow the convention of using the soundtrack to portray humour, as in my second advert when the main female is on a date with the boy the music will be boring, compared to the happy music when she is on a date with the girl.

Overall, through my research of the codes and conventions of TV deodorant adverts, I have understood how they are used to appeal to the audience, and therefore they have influenced me to use them in my adverts as well.

Monday, 15 January 2018

2. Existing adverts/campaigns I have researched and how these have influenced my ideas

Research into existing adverts is absolutely crucial in creating my advertising campaign, as it allows for me to understand the codes and conventions of TV adverts. Without this, I would not know what appeals to my target audience and not know what to do. Overall, four existing adverts influenced me the most in my campaign.

1 - CK2 fragrance TV ad
On the right is the CK2 TV ad, which inspired my choice in target audience. The advert is targeted at 16-25 year olds, which is very similar to the age range of my target audience. It is also a unisex fragrance, which again is the same as Wave.
However, what makes the advert unique is that it is targeted at forward thinkers, who encourage people being themselves. For example, one scene in the advert features a homosexual couple, and another scene features two women lifting their tops up. These actions are seen as breaking stereotypes and rules that have been in place in society for years.
Thus this advert influenced me as it showed me that people who want to be different and break stereotypes is a large target market, and inspired my choice in this category of people.
2 - Old Spice Questions ad
Whilst this is actually an advert for body wash and not deodorant, it still inspired me a lot. The advert features a half-naked man talking to the audience directly, whilst he is moving through all different scenarios - for example at one point he swan dives.
This mainly inspired me through the idea of breaking the fourth wall, which I will feature a lot of in my advert. Also, this advert features a lot of humour, which is a technique that is suggested in the brief. For example, he rolls a log on water before walking on the water, which is meant to be humorous. This inspired me to add humour into my advert.
3 - Nivea Stress Protect ad
This advert is for Nivea stress protect deodorant, that is targeted towards men who are making a career and starting a family, so it does not overlap with my target audience much.
The advert uses voiceover to talk through the storyline whilst adding facts about the deodorant e.g. it's stress protection. The main character is running late for his daughter's play, so has to find a different way into the hall.
This advert inspired me to use voiceover a lot in my advert, as it can be a useful tool that can explain the USP of my deodorant (allowing you to break stereotypes and be yourself), and move the story of the advert forward

4 - Secret Ladies room ad
This advert tells the story of a woman that looks different to the other women and is scared to walk into the ladies room. This has connotations that the woman may be transgender and it is her first time in her life that she is in the ladies room.
This advert uses emotional appeal very well in order to sell their product, and has a message about not being afraid to break stereotypes.
This inspired me to use emotional appal in my adverts, whilst it may not be the focus of the advert like in this example. Many of my target audience may not like what men or women like, and so I have intended to use emotional appeal to make the adverts relatable to them.

Overall, these four adverts have inspired my ideas a lot, and without them I would not have been able to think of ideas for my two television adverts.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

1. How I intend to fulfil the requirements of the brief I have chosen

For this project, I have chosen to follow brief 1 which is the television brief, which requires me to make two 30 second TV adverts for a new deodorant called Wave. This is targeted at 16-25 year olds and will be shown on prime time E4 on weekdays from 7 - 9pm. The brand should have a youthful, active and unisex identity.

As seen on the right is my plan for both of my adverts (these are borrowed images and will not feature in the actual production). First of all, they are both 30 seconds in length. One advert is based around a man, while the other is based around a woman, but both will feature male and female voiceovers, to signify that it it is unisex. Also, the main focus of my brand is breaking stereotypes, and so the stories in them will not specifically appeal to men or women. For example, the first advert on the right is about a woman who chooses to go on a date with another woman, which indicates the breaking of stereotypes. I don't think this will just appeal to women, but will appeal to all who are interested in the same sex.
E4 have a target audience of 16-24 year olds, and therefore share a very similar target audience to Wave which is 16-25 year olds. Therefore, the ads themselves will feature people of that age group to make them relatable, which also signifies the brand as youthful. Also, people of this age range tend to want to break the stereotypes of society, and so this will appeal to them also. It connotes the brand as active because the characters in the ads are active with bringing new ideas that break stereotypes.
Both will use the same slogan, which is 'breaking the status quo, without BO', which follows the brief. The main technique used will be humour, which will be denoted through the character's interactions with the voiceover. I felt that the use of humour helps make it appropriate for E4, who mainly show comedy shows such as 'The Big Bang Theory' or 'Brooklyn Nine Nine'. The interactions with the voiceover also follow the brief as they will be part of the soundtrack, which will also feature music to connote the mood of the scene, and as the interactions will happen in both, it will make the adverts synergistic.
Different settings will be featured in both adverts, which will include a park, a cafe, a bathroom and many scenes in London. Also, one of my male actors will be of black ethnicity, while the other will be mixed race, and the main female will be of white ethnicity, and therefore represent more than two social groups. Both the adverts also adhere to the rules of the ASA.

Overall, my adverts are clearly designed to follow the brief, as  they both contain everything that the brief states they should have, and therefore they should fulfil the requirements of the brief I have chosen.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Homeland continuity task

1. What was your role in the task and what did you actually do?
My main role in the task was to act as a CIA agent in the scene, which can be seen in the video above. However, I also helped decide what was going to actually happen in the scene, but that role was minimal.
2. What factors did you have to take into account when planning, filming and editing?
One large factor was keeping this in the style of Homeland, which affected how we created the story. To do this we made it a blackmail scene, as these are featured heavily in Homeland. Homeland also tend to reinforce middle eastern stereotypes, which we followed by making the person we are blackmailing be from Iran. Another factor was keeping it continuous, specifically with the opening of the door and the positioning of the folder. This affected filming and editing, as when filming we had to make sure the folder would be in the same place and in the edit we had to make sure there was a match on action with the door.
3. How successful was your sequence? Did you manage to demonstrate match-on-action, shot-reverse and the 180 degree rule? Did you achieve continuity overall?
Apart from bad acting from myself, I believe that my sequence was successful mostly. The main issue was the positioning of the folder between shots and reverse shots, as the folder slightly changed place between both. I believe that there was a successful match on action in shots with the door and shots of me tucking the chair in. The 180 degree rule was not broken during my sequence either.
4. What have you learnt from completing this task?
I have learnt how to edit a match on action successfully and I have learnt to use master shots in editing a conversation rather than just shot-reverse. Clearly I need to learn how to act but overall this task has been very enjoyable and I have learnt how to edit a sequence relatively well.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

News Task

1 - My role in the task

The role of Alize and I was to create a post on social media in the style of the telegraph. We would have to do this for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This required choosing the right story from those provided - we chose BREXIT for both twitter and facebook, but chose a story about Christmas shopping for Instagram, as this allowed for a nicer picture, which is what Instagram is focused on. We were then required to choose a photo for each story, as well as write a caption and add text specific to the platform, for example Instagram contained some comments.
2 - Explain the codes and conventions used in one media form and explain their intended impact
On the left is the Instagram post that I created about high street sales plummeting this Christmas due to the rise in internet shopping. It is denoted as a wide shot, which allows for the person viewing it to see a lot more of what is going on - it also shows a lot of the public in the photo. This connotes that this story could affect everyone, as the Christmas high street is something that is loved by everyone. It signifies that it is affecting everyone and everything. Another convention on Instagram is the use of comments, which I have followed here. It is denoted as two people having their say on the matter - one saying that this is always going to happen and one saying that the fall of the Christmas high street would be 'upsetting'. This connotes that there is a disagreement in the public. This disagreement would cause more audience interaction, which has an intended impact of making people read further into the story, through either the website or newspaper, which would boost profits. Another convention used on the facebook post is the short post itself, which has an intended impact of encouraging the audience to click the link and therefore go to the website, where money can be made.
3 -Explain how your choices reflect the real newspaper's values and target audience
One key choice was choosing the Brexit story to be our main focus on Twitter and facebook. The Telegraph is a broadsheet newspaper, who have a clear focus on Brexit on their website, so as this is a serious story we felt it best represented their values. Another choice was the photo on Instagram. Their readers are often upper middle class an therefore probably have business based jobs. These are associated with Central London, and so I chose a photo of Oxford Street to reflect that, as it makes the story relatable to the audience. It is also a nice photo which is common from the Telegraph on Insta, which you wouldn't be able to achieve with Brexit. This wasn't my creation, but the audience is also reflected in the advert on the front page of the Newspaper. This is a Gucci advert, which is an expensive brand that would appeal to the readership who have rich backgrounds and could afford this. 
4  Explain how your team adapted the news across the three different media forms and the reasons behind your decisions.
Our team had to make big decisions in terms of adapting the news across the different media forms, because each from has a specific purpose. The Brexit story featured on all three platforms, so this best represents the way we adapted the news. On social media - Twitter and facebook - the story is presented as short and very to the point, whereas it is much longer on the website and on the newspaper. This is because the people using the social media are often more busy, so it gets the news across to them quicker. Also, the Telegraph do not make a profit off of the social media, so by making it short it makes the audience want more information. They would then go to the website or newspaper for the longer story, which the Telegraph make money from.
5. In hindsight, is there anything about your team's outcomes that you would adapt or improve?
The main point I would have in terms of adaption is making clear what the news story actually consisted of. On the facebook, it mentions that Britain have officially left, but on the newspaper and on the website it says that only a deal has been agreed. I would make it the same for all of them, as this would confuse the audience and therefore turn them away from the Telegraph.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Celebrity Magazine Cover

1. Summarise the music celebrity you have created. Include name, music genre, personality and how they are being used to comment on contemporary celebrity
The music celebrity I created is known as Harv, a short and catchy name, which is popular in modern society. The genre is rap, more specifically British rap, as I feel there is a difference in style between British and American rap. His personality is not that of a typical rapper, he isn't as angry as the typical rapper, and I intended it to connote this. The comment on contempary society is in the text, which encourages women to get involved in the rap scene, which is something thta doesn't happrn in the genre at the minute.
2. Evaluate how you have constructed the representation of your celebrity through your cover image and cover headline/text (denotation/connotation of text and image).
I followed a stereotype of rapper through the costume, as often they wear large jackets as well as a cap. This represents his personality as typical of a rapper, but the text involved questions this. Often rappers rap about women in a mysoginistic way, but the text on the cover shows my celebrity as questioning this and therefore representing my character as more socially aware. Therefore, he is represented as a typical rapper but more socially aware than the rest.
3. Analyse how far you have used and/or challenged stereotypes of gender/race/age/sexuality in your cover.
I have challenged stereotypes of gender in my poster, as through the text I have encouraged females to get involved in the British rap scene, as there are no big ones at the minute, so I have challenged this to a large extent. I have also challenged race stereotypes in the British rap game, as none of the large British rappers are white, for example Stormzy, Krept & Konan and Dave are all black. Therefore, by my character being white, I have challenged this stereotype as well. However, I have used steretypes of age and sexuality, as most rappers are young and are also heterosexual.
4. Reflect on the production/editing process.  Are you pleased with the end result? Identify what is successful about your shot?  What would you have done differently in hindsight?
I am relatively pleased with the end result of this project. I believe the pose and the costume is successful in my shot, as it clearly connotes the rapper genre. I also believe the red and white colour schemen is successful, as it is aesthetically pleasing. In hindsight, I would've attempted to add further text on to the cover, to promote other stories inside, as well as add a barcode and a date and issue number.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Minecraft Pocket Edition Gameplay Video for Youtube

1. How I did it (for example, what videos I watched, what technology I used and how)
For this video, I watched a lot of famous Minecraft youtubers who inspired me. For example, I watched some Sky Does Minecraft (12 million subscribers) videos, as well as watching some DanTdm videos. I noticed that they attempt to add cheesy humour into their videos, so I attempted to copy that idea whilst talking through the gameplay. I used an iPad to film my commentary, and then used Filmmaker Pro, which is free, to place the commentary over the clip.

2. How my video might attract the attention of MoJang and/or Microsoft, and how it might influence them
If my video was to become popular within the Minecraft community, MoJang would take notice. They encourage people to make Minecraft based content, as it provides publicity for them. Especially as the video is child friendly, it allows for more views which would get MoJang to see it. The series that I proposed to start might also attract the attention of MoJang, as they may think it is a good idea and therefore add something in the game to provide users more of a chance to create these house building series', which is also a clear sign of influencing them.